Welcome to Prabowo Murti's Junk Codes

Here are several junk codes I've created. Please visit each link for details. Enjoy...

Flashcard application that I made for my undergraduate thesis (created using Java Micro Edition, and billion cups of tea).

Simple SMS generator (Java Micro Edition, and half a cup of tea)

Manager for your futsal's team stories (Code Igniter, and 10 cups of tea)

Mpokerot(not finished yet)
Poker Hand Evaluator like (Code Igniter, and billion cups of tea).

Qepeng(not finished yet)
Midlet to track your money (Java Micro Edition, and Badulik)

Yet another "Fungsi Terbilang", a function that converts a number to words (PHP, JavaScript, and half a cup of tea). Try here

Just like guwekatejugeape, mobile version (Java Micro Edition)

For those who like to sell and buy used cars (Code Igniter, TankAuth Library, jQuery). Try it here

List of main weapons in Point Blank
Since I love this FPS online game, I created a list of main weapons (Thanks to jQuery, Code Igniter, Point Blank, and packtpub). Try it here

Simulation of Pauli Test
Thanks to Code Igniter and jQuery. It only works on Google Chrome and not finished yet, but you can try it here

Implementation of Kruskal Algorithm, Minimum Spanning Tree. Created by Chandra Kusumadewa and me. It sucks, but it works. :). Try here

Tupperware Shop
Online shop I created using Wordpress and wp-e-commerce plugin. I'm trying to create my own theme

12 Hooloop
Simple translator to change normal sentence (in Bahasa) into only 12 letters. It's a joke came from Kaskus' guys.

Number Typing Test (10 Fast Fingers Test Wannabe). Created using jQuery and CodeIgniter 2.0.

List of Shipping Cost from some cities to all cities in Indonesia (credit goes to tikijne.co.id). Created using a simple crawler.

Google Search Focuser (modification from Binny VA)
Create new shortcut on every Google Search Result page. Press Alt+S to focus the cursor on the query input field.

Indonesian translation of Mnemosyne. Some parts need to be completed.

Dokumentasi gBilling
gBilling documentation (written in Bahasa Indonesia). Read more about gBilling here.

aWallet Indonesian
Indonesian translation of aWallet. Read more about aWallet here.

Daftar Mahasiswa Ilmu Komputer UGM 2004
Friends, and their blogs.

Daftar Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Seluruh Indonesia
Daftar Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Seluruh Indonesia. Raw source can be found here

A damn simple blog aggregator for Ilmu Komputer Universitas Gadjah Mada 04, using Blogger API, CI, and SimplePie. More details on my post (written in Bahasa) : Blog Aggregator using Blogger API

Lapak Prabowo Murti
A simple online store powered by Yii Framework, simplecartjs.org, and bootstrap. All payment is using PayPal.

The Mesh App Solver
Raw source can be found here

Penghulu Bisnis
Connects investor and business owner in Indonesia, using Mudharabah akad.

Kalkulator KPR Syariah
Calculate your estimated monthly payment of KPR.

Contact me : prabowo.murti AT gmail DOT com. If you don't sell viagra, I will reply your emails, I promise.